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Before you get to know me, I'd love to hear about what brought you here today.

What brings you here today?
I heard some of your music
I'd like to work with you on a project
I'd like to check out your guitars
I have no clue! Ain't the internet something?

Fun, right?

People don't always get what I do because I'm mostly known for my activities as a singer/musician (and we have the data from our little poll to back that). Officially, I'm a music producer and a guitar maker based in southern Brazil. The way I see it, my music is an inevitable consequence from my work as a producer. I have been on this journey since 2010 and started making electric guitars back in 2014.

Here's what I do in an objective Buzzfeed fashion:

- Compose and record film and TV scores

- Put my heart out in songs

- Love to work with different bands/artists as a producer

- Build vintage-inspired guitars and basses

I'm a total tech geek and a weirdo who loves anything creative. Feel free to say hi anytime!

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