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Birdie Model

Electric Guitars

Making a vintage "Les Paul" inspired guitar

Every year I build one vintage-inspired guitar using my two little hands and the least amount of machinery available.

Wasn't it cool how back in the day you could find all sorts of symmetric electric guitars (with no cutways)? People just didn't care how far your fingers could reach. They just dealt with it.

Today, symmetry is a super rare occurrence in the electric guitar world. This is my take on a Les Paul inspired vintage baby.

Preparing basic shapes! Woods used: ebony (scale), brazilian pink cedar (body), mahogany (neck), ebony (fretboard and headstock).

Custom "horseshoe" headstock piece carved out of a Mother of Pearl shell.

Headstock and fretboard ready to roll on my workstation.

Painting with a special Cadillac green translucid Italian pigment. The goal was to make wood veins as visible as possible. It just doesn't get any fancier.

Here it is! Added some custom buttons from a Fender vintage amp and Seymour Duncan P90s to finish up in great style. Sorry for not having more pictures from the whole process, if only I knew I'd have a website back then.


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